Samsung Ultra Smart Phones - F700 & F520 HQ Wallpapers !

Samsung Ultra Smart F520
The Samsung F520 is a dual slider 3G Smartphone which is also known as the Samsung SGH-F520. The phone comes in a highly useable dual sliding casing which allows the user to switch between QWERTY & numeric keypad by simply switching between horizontal & vertical screens & keypad styles. The overall size of the casing is 104.8 x 53.7 x 17.4 mm which is a compact & sturdy feeling handset for the user to handle. The handset is eye catching & comes in a smooth black coloured casing. The handset comes with a 3 Inch colour touch screen display, which steals the show on this phone & it makes the phone a pleasure to use. The touch screen is large, colourful & reacts to human touch which means their is no need for a stylus with the Samsung F520. The Samsung F520 comes with a simple & elegant Flash user interface which works well on this model & provides the user with clear & easy to use interface. The F520 is from the same family as the Samsung F510 which is a stylish 3G phone. The F520 is in hot competition with the Apple iPhone & the LG LE850 PRADA as the phones share a similar look & come with large highly useable colour touch screen.

Samsung SGH-f520 #2

Samsung F700 , The Biggest iPhone Competitor !
Apple's iPhone may have been announced first, but Samsung's Ultra Smart F700 (announced yesterda) seems to be one-up Apple's effort in a few feature categories.

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